With age, your cheeks, lips, and face lose volume and elasticity, producing a less firm, less voluminous shape. Due to this lack of volume, your facial features may appear more gaunt, thin, and older. Although this is part of the natural aging process, environmental and lifestyle factors also lead to a hollowed, less youthful appearance. Prolonged sun exposure, repetitive facial expressions, and smoking can all contribute to a loss of facial volume. Advancements in procedures and science like JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC can help noticeably decrease the signs of aging.

What is VOLUMA®?

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC can fill facial wrinkles, plump lips, and restore lost facial volume. VOLUMA® filler is an FDA-approved injectable gel that is comprised of hyaluronic acid. Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, but this production may slow and stagnate with older age. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating solution that creates the volume, structure, and shape of your face. VOLUMA® filler restores the hyaluronic acid that has been missing and can promote a healthier, fuller face shape. VOLUMA® differs from traditional JUVÉDERM because it is a more firm gel that is intended to be injected into the deepest layers of your skin and muscle to promote voluminous lips, cheeks, and facial features.

What can VOLUMA® filler help treat?

VOLUMA® filler can help restore volume and definition into your facial features and can help visibly reduce multiple signs of aging. VOLUMA® filler can help add volume to your cheeks, lips, and other parts of the face where you are experiencing troublesome lines, creases, or wrinkling. VOLUMA® filler can provide noticeable results that can reduce the signs of aging for up to one year for lips and wrinkles and two years for cheek volume.

VOLUMA® filler can:

  • Help fill and plump your lips
  • Reduce frown lines
  • Decrease nasolabial folds
  • Restore volume
  • Fill in and smooth out wrinkles, creases, and folds
  • Lift and contour your cheeks

What should I expect from VOLUMA® filler?

You will have a private consultation with our dermatologists to discuss your medical history, any concerns, and your treatment goals. Our dermatologists may suggest you stop taking certain medications and vitamins prior to your VOLUMA® injection to minimize the risk of bruising or discomfort during your recovery period.

The area will first be cleansed with an antiseptic before administering VOLUMA® filler. VOLUMA® filler will be administered deep into your tissue and cheeks to stimulate the volumizing effects. The majority of patients feel little to no discomfort or pain during a VOLUMA® injection because VOLUMA® contains a mild anesthetic called lidocaine, and most patients are able to resume their daily activities shortly after a VOLUMA® injection.

After your VOLUMA® injection, you may experience mild to moderate swelling, tenderness, bruising, or irritation. Some patients are comforted by the fact that if needed or desired, the effects of VOLUMA® can be quickly reversed by an enzyme called hyaluronidase, but most patients do not need or desire a reversal of their VOLUMA® treatment.

Am I a candidate for VOLUMA® filler?

VOLUMA® filler is designed to correct volume loss in the cheeks for patients over twenty-one, and while most patients who are healthy adults that want to correct volume loss are proper candidates, patients under twenty-one are not eligible to receive VOLUMA® injections. Also, if you have a history of severe allergic reactions or an allergy to lidocaine, you may not be eligible for a VOLUMA® injection.

How can I learn more about VOLUMA® filler?

Our dermatologists would be glad to discuss VOLUMA® filler with you. To request a personal consultation with our dermatologists to discuss VOLUMA® filler, please request an appointment online or call 212.838.0270.

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