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When choosing an acne treatment, our NYC dermatologists will carefully asses your individual skin type for the most effective acne solution. When you have acne, it may be hard for you to feel as confident as you would like. Acne is a skin condition that, for some, does not stop after adolescence. Acne can range in severity from mild to severe even through adulthood. Although the exact cause for acne is not known, our dermatologists are aware of what can cause acne to worsen and, more importantly, various treatment options that can relieve you of your troublesome acne and leave you with confidence.

What is acne?

Acne refers to the occurrence or appearance of inflamed or infected glands on the skin, which is denoted by the formation of pimples. The formation of acne can derive from many causes, like the clogging of your pores, inflammation, or bacterial overgrowth on your skin. Your pores connect directly to oil glands that lie just under your skin, and your sebaceous glands secrete sebum, or an oily secretion. A follicle connects your pores to your sebaceous glands, and through this follicle, oil carries dead skin cells to the surface. It is when this follicle is congested, inflamed, or blocked by oil that acne beings to form. Acne can occur all over the body, but it predominately forms on the face, neck, shoulders, and back.

What acne treatment options are there?

Depending on the severity of your acne, your health, and the potential causes of your acne, our dermatologists will prescribe an acne treatment that will effectively and safely treat your acne. Acne treatment options that our dermatologists may prescribe to you include topical regimenns or antibiotics.

Topical regimenns are an acne solution that can help ease and reduce the inflammation of your skin. Topical regimenns are an acne treatment option that refer to a cream or lotion that is applied directly to the skin where an acne outbreak is occurring. Applied directly to the inflamed skin, this acne treatment can help reduce the irritation and inflammation that causes an acne outbreak.

In some cases, an antibiotic may be prescribed by our dermatologists as an acne treatment option. There are many different forms of acne medicine, and some common antibiotics for acne may be topical or taken by mouth. Topic antibiotics are gels, creams, or Ointments that are applied directly to the affected area to help soothe the irritation of acne. Topical antibiotics may be prescribed for mild cases of acne, but if our dermatologists believe you may benefit from an antibiotic taken by mouth, they may prescribe an oral acne medication. Our dermatologists address each patient on an individual level, and they will assess various aspects of your health and particular case in order to create an acne treatment regimenn that will most effectively and efficiently treat your acne.

Is an acne treatment only for adults?

No, acne treatment options are available for adolescents and adults, but our dermatologists take into account your age and other personal health factors to prescribe the most effective acne remedies to you. Not all acne treatments are suitable for each patient, and the type of acne medicine that you are prescribed depends upon your personal case. Acne is not a condition that is limited to one age group, as adolescents and adults alike can experience an onset of acne. Adults can even experience their first instance of acne later in life, despite not suffering from acne as an adolescent.

Acne has many common factors that can make acne appear or existing acne worsen. A fluctuation in hormone levels can lead to a hormonal imbalance, which results in an outbreak, as well. Anxiety and stress can also lead to the appearance of acne, and genetics can play a role in acne outbreaks. Certain facial products, shampoos, and personal hygiene products can irritate the skin and pores, which can also result in the inflammation that causes acne. Our dermatologists will discuss potential acne treatments and help you to choose the acne medicine or regimenn that will most effectively work to clear your acne outbreaks.

How can I learn more about an acne treatment like topical regimenns?

Our dermatologists would be glad to discuss acne treatment options like topical regimenns with you. To request a personal consultation with our dermatologists to discuss possible acne treatment options, please request an appointment online or call 212.838.0270.

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