JUVÉDERM® cosmetic filler allows dermatologists to visibly reduce the signs of aging by replacing lost hyaluronic acid. After a lifetime of repeated facial expressions like laughing, squinting, or frowning, the muscles that contract to make these facial movements weaken. When these muscles weaken, your skin becomes more loose and appears less voluminous. Parentheses lines commonly form around your mouth, and other common signs of aging form like forehead lines, marionette lines, and wrinkles. At Sutton Place Dermatology, we are dedicated to helping improve the signs of aging with the least invasive, most effective techniques currently available like JUVÉDERM® filler.

What is JUVÉDERM® filler?

JUVÉDERM® is an FDA-approved injectable gel that is made up of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in your body. As you age, you lose hyaluronic acid, and creases, lines, and wrinkles begin to appear on your skin as a result. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating substance needed to keep the skin firm and full, and JUVÉDERM® filler replaces the loss of hyaluronic acid that you experience with age. JUVÉDERM® filler is the first smooth consistency hyaluronic gel that can help visibly reduce the signs of aging. The technology behind JUVÉDERM® filler is called HYLACROSS™. This technology provides JUVÉDERM® filler with a gel structure that the body absorbs more slowly, providing longer-lasting results.

What can JUVÉDERM® injections help treat?

JUVÉDERM® can help treat and reduce the most visible signs of aging. JUVÉDERM® cosmetic filler replaces the hyaluronic acid that is missing from your skin, and when this is replaced, your skin regains its firm, youthful appearance. Since JUVÉDERM® filler is comprised of the acid naturally occurring in your body, patients do not require an allergy test prior to their JUVÉDERM® injections. JUVÉDERM® filler relies on the replacement of hyaluronic acid to restore a youthful complexion. The results of JUVÉDERM® can last up to six months.

JUVÉDERM® filler may help visibly reduce the severity of:

  • Forehead lines
  • Creases
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Wrinkles
  • Parentheses around the mouth
  • Frown lines

What can I expect from a JUVÉDERM® treatment?

Most patients are candidates for JUVÉDERM® filler. The ideal candidate is a healthy adult who would like to improve and diminish the signs of aging, such as fine lines and creases. It is uncommon for a patient to not be eligible for JUVÉDERM® injections, but women who are pregnant or nursing are unable to receive JUVÉDERM® filler. If you have a history of severe allergies, you also may not be eligible to receive JUVÉDERM® filler. Our dermatologists can help determine if JUVÉDERM® or other cosmetic fillers may be right for you.

Prior to your JUVÉDERM® injection, the area will be cleansed to promote a safe, successful procedure. JUVÉDERM® filler is then applied underneath the skin in the problem areas that you wish to target. Many patients report little to no pain during and after their JUVÉDERM® filler procedure. Because JUVÉDERM® filler is made up of a naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, very few patients experience any negative or adverse reactions, and the average patient may experience results lasting up to six months.

Prior to your JUVÉDERM® injections, our dermatologists may advise you to stop taking certain medications, especially anti-inflammatory medications. We ask that you come to your JUVÉDERM® treatment with no makeup on, as well. Prior to your JUVÉDERM® injections, an anesthetic cream will be applied to minimize any discomfort or pain.

After receiving JUVÉDERM® injections, we advise that you do not expose yourself to excessive sun, heat, or cold, as this may irritate your temporarily sensitive skin. We also recommend that you wear a protective sunscreen to protect your skin from any damage or irritation.

How can I learn more about JUVÉDERM® filler?

Our dermatologists would be glad to discuss JUVÉDERM® filler with you. To request a personal consultation with our dermatologists to discuss JUVÉDERM® filler, please request an appointment online or call 212.838.0270.

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